It’s all about the perfect VIBE with this crew. Comprised of nothing but excellent musicians, talented producers, and mad rhythmic lyrics, the House of Vibe show is a jaw dropping party where ever they perform. From genres like hip-hop to Jazz to Rock music, the audience can’t expect nothing less than a great experience. Be sure not to miss House of Vibe featuring Chali 2na at the upcoming Boogaloo Music & Art Festival!


Nat’l Capital Rock Reviews Chali 2na & HOV

I started going to Bluesfest back before they moved to the City hall location, when your main stage headline clould be an Al Green or a Smokey Robinson (both of whom I say put on dynamite sets). Nowadays, the giants of soul are largely out of the game – though wouldn’t it be nice to see, say, Syl Johnson? – and in its place are the giants of dubstep (not really quite my cuppa) and a lot more rap. I don’t listen to it a lot, but I’d say this years’s hip hop heavyweights made for a really solid lineup, not just of big names liek Snoop Dogg and up-and-comers such as A$AP Rocky, but some old-school heads like Chali 2Na. The former Jurassic man brought a live band with him and put on a super set for a pumped-up crowd.
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Chali 2na at Ottawa Bluesfest 2012

SXSW 2012 What You Missed

2013 SXSW is here again, but in case you missed last year here are the highlights. Prepare for an amazing follow up this year with the release of Chali 2na’s “Up Against the Current”. House of Vibe is in full effect.  We are playing a few more shows this year than we did last year.  You don’t want to miss this.