Nat’l Capital Rock Reviews Chali 2na & HOV

I started going to Bluesfest back before they moved to the City hall location, when your main stage headline clould be an Al Green or a Smokey Robinson (both of whom I say put on dynamite sets). Nowadays, the giants of soul are largely out of the game – though wouldn’t it be nice to see, say, Syl Johnson? – and in its place are the giants of dubstep (not really quite my cuppa) and a lot more rap. I don’t listen to it a lot, but I’d say this years’s hip hop heavyweights made for a really solid lineup, not just of big names liek Snoop Dogg and up-and-comers such as A$AP Rocky, but some old-school heads like Chali 2Na. The former Jurassic man brought a live band with him and put on a super set for a pumped-up crowd.
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Chali 2na at Ottawa Bluesfest 2012